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About Regal Nails

The Regal Nails Salon & Spa franchise call Baton Rouge, Louisiana home, though their locations are now worldwide. What started as a single salon up in Ohio inside a Kmart expanded into a massive franchise operation that is now the #1 leading nail salon franchise.


How did they get so big? Regal Nails didn’t start with the intention of such rapid growth, but when the right opportunity came along, they seized it. Within a month of opening their first location in Kmart, they were asked to fill a slot somebody else opted out of in a Walmart.


Little did anybody knows what would take hold, and that Regal Nails would become Regal Nail Salon & Spa and expand into what is now a mega-franchise.


Shreveport, Louisiana changed how nail salons would be found and appreciated. With quick thinking and fast turnaround, Regal Nails was able to open in the Walmart within one day’s business time. Impressive!

Regal Nails Expands

While Regal Nails first formed as Regal Nails back in 1997, by 2005 they’d formed a new business as Regal Nails Salon & Spa. With their rapid growth, they moved into Canada by 2006.

Their mission statement discusses the values of people being able to look and feel good all at an affordable price. This fits well into the Walmart profile, too, as Walmart stores are known for their convenience and affordability.

Regal Nails and Franchising Opportunities

In 2017, Regal Nail Salon & Spa locations are all independently operated, except for one in Louisiana. So, if you need to speak with somebody at a local store, it’s best to contact them at that location.


If you’re interested in opening a franchise with Regal Nails, then you can fill out the form of interest found on their website.


They have over 20 years of experience within the beauty community, and there are now over 800 salons across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


When you think of Regal Nails, they want you to think of them as a relaxing getaway that is both affordable and valuable.